Scholarpreps.com was started to help parents better understand the recruiting process. As a father of four student-athletes I was frustrated with the lack of information to help my kids from high school to college athletics. My oldest son was recruited by colleges and universities across the county and we had to learn very quickly how to leverage the process for positive results. We were approached by “recruiting” services that said “we can get your son a scholarship….for $2,500″, and wondered what they really offered……My wife and I decided we would take on the process ourselves and to learn as much as possible for our younger kids that would be soon be going through the same process.

During my 15+ years on the sidelines watching my kids play sports, I had conversations with other parents and realized the transformation from high school to college athletics was not very well understood. Most thought their kid would be “discovered” or the high school coach was responsible for getting their kid a scholarship. Some parents believed their student-athlete could play at the DI level and would not consider DII or DIII, cutting their opportunities down substantially. Having gone through the process, I felt there had to be somewhere parents could go to understand the challenges as well as the many opportunities available to their student-athlete.

Scholarpreps.com will provide information regarding the recruiting process to help guide parents through this exciting and challenging subject. Our focus will be on helping you understand the many opportunities athletics can provide your son or daughter at the college level.

Understanding the process

  • What are college coaches looking for in a student-athlete
  • Selecting the right school
  • Recruiting process starts with your online resume
  • Working with your HS / Club coach to build your plan
  • DII and DIII schools can offer “student-athletes” near full-ride scholarships

Since 2007 Scholarpreps.com has offered insights to the recruiting process for the parents prospective. We have helped hundreds of student-athletes as well as our own children through the high school to college athletics transition. We look forward to helping you guide your son or daughter to the recognition they deserve.

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